Sunday, March 17, 2019

Ogden Principal Battle

Does CPS Have a Process to Fire People?

Attached is the latest installment on the Beyer vs. CPS lawsuit. As you read through this, (never mind the award winning snark), you will see the pattern emerge that the Beyer attys are making the claim that there is no process at CPS for firing anyone. Parents have experienced that there is no process for much of anything at CPS.  CPS, on a whim, comes up with an idea or scheme: “I have an idea. Let’s fire —— because he is awful. Let’s write a letter, let’s disable an email address, and If he fights back, let’s get lawyers involved”. There is no process to ensure that Beyer was fired appropriately. 

Was there a process formulated with the Ogden Jenner merger? 
No, there was no process. I’m the first one out of the gate that thinks Beyer should rot in a cage somewhere for what he did to my family. Most families agree with me and we all know the Ogden Jenner merger was a train wreck waiting to happen. But in merging these two schools, there was no process. Basically, there were a handful of “merger moms” who called everyone racist if they didn’t agree with the merger. So CPS said, “Ok, let’s put these schools together and cross our fingers. If it doesn’t work, let’s get the lawyers involved”. There was no process to make sure this school merged successfully which is why it’s a whitewashed mess. Chip Johnson, who, along with Beyer, made the mess at Ogden. Now he was over there at Jenner last week having safety meetings that didn’t go well. I guess Chip can get paid for making a mess out of Ogden and then get paid to clean it up. 

Was there a process formulated to prevent drownings at CPS schools? 
No, there was no process. The child that drowned in the school did so because there was no process to keep children safe in the pool.  The child didn’t even have on a life jacket. The child was a diverse learner. The child wasn’t adequatley supervised. CPS has not read the memo that Diverse Learners matter. CPS had an idea:  “Hey, let’s put kids in a pool, and if anybody drowns, let’s get the lawyers involved”. There was no process to make sure no child gets in a pool without a life jacket and many other safety processes were not considered. Of course, since there wasn’t a process, the CPS lawyers did get involved, and the child’s family was awarded $4 million. Hardly enough to compensate for a child’s life. There was no process to ensure safety.

What is the process when a child is abused at a school like my son was at Ogden? 
There is no process. As I may have mentioned, my diverse learner was abused at Ogden. Not just by Beyer and others in the administration, but the C Suite got involved. I went to Chip Johnson, Jadine Chou, Liz Kirby but there isn’t a process to go up the ladder to keep your child from being abused. 

In fact, in my case, I even reported to CPS that Jadine Chou and Chip Johnson exhibiting serious racial bias against my family. I asked for an investigation. Why are we paying for these two terrible people? CPS refused to have an investigation. Why? They know I’m right and they don’t want the liability, and that is why they don’t want a process. 

This week, myself, and three other Ogden parents went to meet with Board member Jaime Guzman to discuss the Ogden failures, among other things.  We discussed how there wasn’t any process to ensure safety, ethics, academics.  Guzman knows there isn’t a process, and they don’t intend to formulate a process for conflict resolution or anything else for that matter. I made Guzman aware that if there is a conflict, the parent is bullied. Parents can go up the food chain, but the word on the CPS Street is to bully the parent and don’t investigate. So in my case, Beyer, who cheated and lied was able to do so because there was excessive enabling, but no process, no investigation. Guzman’s assistant sent me the worlds most ridiculous email that I “misinterpreted” how we were abused at Ogden. Not only was it a ridiculous email but a reminder that if you want anything done at CPS, you must report to an outside agency. 

What I find concerning, as well as ironic, is the lack of process that allowed Beyer to operate like a madman at Ogden, this same lack of process may be the very thing that gets him back into Ogden. 


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