Friday, February 21, 2014

Fire Away CPS!

Fire Away CPS!
By Jim Vail

Let's face it teachers - we all know our jobs are up for grabs.

Do we really think there is any guarantee we will be back the next year at our schools?

Why of course not. While stability is essential in the educational world, the corporate world demands "at will" employees who can be easily fired.

And there have been quite a few teachers I've had to explain that the attacks on them are downright silly, and have nothing to do with the quality of their teaching.  

It is all political. Those who shill for the ruling class - politicians like Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama, or Chicago Public Schools chief Barbara Byrd Bennett - are paid to attack the workers.  

And that first and foremost means to fire as many teachers as you can to show you are doing your job.

If you want to know the playbook, there is multi-billionaire CIA toad George Soros who would hire let's say 30 money managers, and tell them only a few will be good enough to keep the job in 6 months.

It's so Darwinian, it's funny. But it's what they want the public sector to be exposed to - humiliation, incredible stress and sleepless nights.

Any teachers feeling this in CPS land?

So if they're targeting you in your job, just remember it's most likely not because you're lacking in teaching skills.    

Quite the contrary - you are the data they need to show their masters they are doing the job, and firing is the way to show the numbers are in to make their quarterly profits.

Because profits for them, mean exploiting the hell out of us.

Here is what my good friend and former substitute teacher Peter Nerad who was fired for saving a kids life, had to say about the whole firing lunacy we are all experiencing these days.

"Jan, thank you very much for putting in the FOIA request you put in. I'm very interested in what you get back. I would not be surprised if they tell you that they do not keep track of subs. But they have to have # of subs fired I would think. My only guess is that they're using fired subs to bolster their number of fired teachers for news that they're "correcting" the system, or they want to get rid of older subs to put in younger new teachers to hire from. The younger hiring pool doesn't make sense since they can hire young teachers anyway. So I suspect they're releasing a total of teachers let go and not distinguishing between full-time teachers and subs. Or, there is no agenda on their part and principals are just following the new, crack down on everybody policy. And seeing how principals are in fear of their jobs, they're not hesitating in firing people."

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