Friday, June 27, 2014

Lane Parents Upset

Lane Tech Students and Parents Want Coach Back
By Jim Vail

The Lane Tech girls swim team under Paul Rummelhoff had the best CPS state finish in 2013.
They say justice only comes when the people demand it.

Paul Rummelhoff, the Lane Tech High School teacher and swim coach under investigation for having sex with one of his female swimmers, was declared not guilty by the Dept. of Children and Family Services.

But Rummelhoff is still not allowed to coach his award winning boys and girls swim teams, nor return to his class room to teach.

Kim Boettcher, a parent who has one child on the Lane Tech swim team, is upset that the parents have only heard from rumors and the news cast about the situation with no further explanations given. 

She told Second City Teachers that rumors are flying all around, making the situation only worse. She simply wants answers to questions about Rummelhoff's status. 

She said she spoke with the Lane Tech principal, Christopher Dignam, who told her he had no information to report.

"Why isn't CPS releasing information out to parents and school administration," Boettcher said. "It's horrible. My son will be a junior and other teammates were constantly asked what's up with your coach. These vicious rumors ruin innocent lives."

Boettcher said what is really upsetting is how the Chicago Public Schools has handled the situation.  She said that while CPS stated that children's safety is their number one priority, it said nothing about the accused's rights, and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

According to the DCFS report, the Lane Tech coach is totally innocent. An internal investigation has led to nothing, according to Rummelhoff.

Boettcher had nothing but praise for the Lane Tech coach who she said has tutored many of the swimmers and runs a wonderful summer swim camp.

Second City Teachers contacted Michael Passman, a CPS spokesman, who has not commented on the Chicago Board of Education's position on the case.

There is talk that a petition may be circulating and parents and swim team members will be pressing the board of ed for answers.

In the meantime, the award winning coach still waits. 

And the fight for justice begins!

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