Thursday, September 25, 2014

Raise the Bar!

Let's Raise the Bar if You're Failing!
By Jim Vail

Have you ever watched the high jump performance in the Olympics? Where the athlete runs and then springs up and arches his body over the pole. 

If he or she makes it over the pole, they raise it a bit higher to see who can jump the highest.

However, in the land of the Chicago Public Schools, if you missed your mark, they still raise the bar and make you jump even higher.

Call it whatever you want - Common Core, education reform, tougher standards. It's all designed by the corporate sector to destroy the public schools by continuing to place impossible demands on its struggling students.

You would think that in a city where over half of its student body drops out of high school, more resources and services would be devoted to helping these adolescents make it.

But in today's world, those resources are being cut back, while more rigorous tests are being developed to make sure more and more students fail, or so it seems.

It's all masked under the term "College and Career Readiness!"

There is nothing in the Common Core to address the students who need specialized services.  There is nothing in the Common Core to address the students who are just learning English.

In the city of Chicago, that's a lot of students. And that's a big problem.

But the schools and teachers are all being told it is your fault if these kids do not pass these increasingly difficult tests.

Now we have the new Parcc - Partnership for Readiness for College and Careers assessment. 

In the spirit of Substance News, which went to battle with the previous mayor over publishing test exam questions on the infamous Case exam and had its editor fired and blacklisted from teaching, we at Second City Teachers would like to publish some of the 8th grade questions on this test for adults to sample.

And I'll bet we will realize these tests are designed to make sure even more students fail in this new global age.

That way they can blow things up - just as our government is doing in Iraq and Seria, while threatening the rest of the world.

It's a war on the people - whether it takes the form of a drone, or a standardized test. And we the people need to wake up and opt out of this madness and fight back!

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  1. Some people have asked me if I'm ready to get fired for attempting to do what Substance News courageously did over 10 years ago. No, I won't go that far, but I will simply publish 6,7,8 grade test questions from the Parcconline website. Then we can think about what they're asking our children to do.