Wednesday, December 24, 2014

teacher vacancies

Teachers Vacancies - Is this for Real?
By Jim Vail

How can there be so many teacher vacancies when so many people are looking for a job?

This is one of the absurdities of the Chicago Public Schools. 

The Chicago Teachers Union sends out every so often a long list of teacher vacancies. 

Many of these vacancies are special education teachers. Some schools go a whole year with nobody serving the children with an individualized education plan.

So I asked a few people why can't CPS fill these positions. Answers varied from we can't hire higher paid veteran teachers because of the per pupil budgeting, to there are not enough good candidates available.

The CPS has certainly made the hiring process much more difficult. Now principals have to seriously look at ratings where teachers who have received two satisfactory (developing) ratings become unsatisfactory teachers as well as their budget.

Just to become a teacher today is not easy. The basic skills test to become a certified teacher is much more difficult to pass and now student teachers must submit a video tape of their teaching and some outside committee supposedly controlled by Pearson will decide if they should be worthy of getting a teacher's licence. 

Imagine tons of employee vacancies in a company. Then again, when you think about it some more, businesses want more and more part-time workers you can compensate a lot less. And certainly CPS is taking its cues from the corporate world which do not want unions or pensions or full-time employees.

In the meantime, many schools in Chicago do not have enough regular staff to teach their students. 

This is a travesty. It is horrible to hear substitute teachers rather than regular teacher taught a class for an entire year. The children need a 'highly qualified' stable teacher they see every day. Building a relationship with their teacher is very important.

I think this issue should be brought up before the Chicago Board of Education and demand an answer.

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