Monday, April 13, 2015

CTU Spin on Election

CTU Puts Positive Spin on Devasting Results
By Jim Vail

The recent election results in Chicago and the state are nothing short of devastation for working people.

The Chicago Teachers Union stated in its blog before the mayoral runoff election that should Rahm Emanuel be re-elected, then massive school closings will follow.

"Rahm Emaneul's refusal to seriously pursue any meaningful, progressive revenue solutions for Chicago Public Schools funding needs will without question lead to further mass school closings in the city's most disadvantaged neighborhoods if he wins re-election on April 7," the CTU stated.

Well, Emanuel won. His billionaire pal Ken Griffen is demanding 125 schools be closed. Their pal Bruce Rauner is now the governor and is already attacking the unions and cutting education budgets.

It's doomsday for teachers and all hard working peoples here!

But here was the latest CTU email blast to summarize the latest devastating poitical news.

"Emanuel was able to win re-election by promising to change his approach and being more responsive to the needs of every day residents of our city. If the mayor is truly repentent for his past policy transgressions, this will allow for more substantive contract negotiations between the CTU and the Chicago Board of Education, and transparent discussions about the type of neighborhoods, schools and public services that Chicago's students and their families deserve."

The CTU added that this was an historic election that resulted in a first time runoff for the mayor backed by a "progressive, democratic movement that is only going to grow larger and more powerful in Chicago politics."

The CTU claimed victory that all the progressive aldermen won their re-elections, while a number of incumbent aldermen lost and state that this election showed the people are dissatisfied with the mayor.

The CTU stated that it met its three goals in this election - to register 100,000 new voters {who does that really benefit?}, run CTU candidates for office {congrats to CTU member Sue Garza who may be the alderman after the final votes are tallied}, and change the political landscape of the city.

Now I understand PR. I worked in the public relations field after I was a reporter in Russia in the 1990s. They also called it perception management - in that perception is more important than reality.

I can understand the CTU wants to be positive here and inform our CTU members that good things happened in this runoff and everything will be alright.

But is it really? What are we trying to sell here?

First, let's look at the numbers, in terms of who voted for whom.

April  6, 2015 Mayoral election : Chicago votes by  race/ethnicity, income, and age. (calculated as % of total, judged by precincts with a plurality of each  category) (Chicago Tribune, 4/10/15)
                            Rahm Emanuel         Jesus (Chuy) Garcia
White                        64.2                          35.8
Black                          56.8                           43.2   
Hispanic                      35.4                         64.6        
Over 40                      62.2                          37.8
30 – 40                        56.8                         43.2
Under 30                    43.4                          56.6
Household Income  
More than $100,000 71.2                        28.8
$40,000 - $99,999      55.65                      44.35
Under $40,000            51                           49 

More black people once again voted for Rahm over his challenger. Surprisingly 35 percent of the city's hispanic population voted for Rahm, and more people earning less than $40,000 a year voted for Rahm than for the 'progressive challenger.' 

Hmm, something doesn't look right there in this mayoral voting if this was all a so-called 'progressive victory.'

So getting back to reality versus spin.

We teachers and working people need reality if we are to mobilize our ranks to fight to hold onto what we have after this devasting election.

Folks, as mentioned above, we teachers and other city workers are in the fight of our lives.

Let's not sugar coat it. We either fight the fight, or die.

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  1. I agree. CPS schools need more money, point, period. What do we gain by being conciliatory towards Emanuel right now? He's going to lie and say there's not money. We need to prepare to make like the Waukegan teachers and go out until the the city puts the money back into the public schools that they've cut out the last five years. We walk until we have satisfaction -- none of this "let's talk to Rahm while he's wearing a sweater" nonsense.