Saturday, October 24, 2015

Don't Vote for Bernie!

Don't Vote for Bernie and Be a Fool!
By Jim Vail

Don't vote for Bernie Sanders!

Once again we have another presidential election, and once again we have our usual suspects paraded out for the people to decide who should be president.

Never mind the fact that a relatively few lot give almost a billion dollars to a few of these candidates, we the people can vote for them.

The 1% first decided who can run. And they need the people to be interested so that our so-called democracy functions.

So the Republicans, pathetic as they are, have this clown Donald Trump leading in the polls. He is perfect for the ruling class because he sparks interest for voters to go out and vote who would normally not.

The fact that Trump blames the immigrants for our crime and no jobs is the classic scapegoat that appeals to mostly ignorant people who cannot look at the big picture. The fact that Trump can speak candidly about the other candidates, and call people like Jeb Bush a wimp, show how much the people want to hear the truth. Not to mention telling the people how he pays the politicians to do his dirty work.

And on the left we have Bernie Sanders, the progressive great white hope, a so-called Socialist, independent, who says what progressives want to hear - we need a living wage, free tuition, tax the rich, etc.

Except Bernie, like Trump, is a part of this horrific system who will not change it. First, he won't get elected - trust me. So why waste your time trying to get someone elected who will not get elected? Been there, done that.

Why not spend your valuable energy making change via fighting for a living wage, protest, educate, etc? 

And Bernie ain't no panacea. He supports most of our foreign wars. He votes against reasonable gun-control legislation.

But worst of all for you teachers and defenders of public education - he is pro Race to the Top, pro Common Core and pro charter schools.

Certainly not someone you should be campaigning for, let alone writing checks or getting all excited about, if you value public education.

When I bring this up to fellow teachers, they don't even know Sanders' position on Race to the Top. How can you not know what your candidate supports, especially when it is against your interests.

I say fight the fight. I am a delegate in the Chicago Public Schools and we need to fight for a better contract than what the Chicago Board of Education wants.

They want to cut our salaries, cut our benefits, cut resources to our schools, while increasing funding to charter schools.

They at the top want to destroy unions, continue the assault on our middle class.

Voting for Bernie won't stop that.

Fighting for our class will!


  1. I agree. Bernie's positions on testing and charter schools show that he is part of the system -- his agenda in education is the capitalist agenda. Us teachers should not let ourselves be duped because he's better on healthcare than the others.

  2. By the way, it is interesting when asked what is Bernie's position on Race to the Top and charter schools, the only visible internet info. was a homeschooling web site that chronicled his votes on corporate reform. So the dems must have cleaned him up, plus he says little, and people don't want to hear bad news when we have enough of it, but the truth is the truth. He ain't no friend of public school teachers. And he will tell you to vote Dems in the end.

  3. He voted for the war in Afghanistan, and I heard something that he's backed by the do mo good Koch brothers, and probably a globalist causing ask this inanity in theists place.