Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sub Meeting

By Pat Gerard

Did you know there is a CTU Displaced/Substitute Teacher Committee? Field rep Zeidre Foster met with committee members and substitute teachers who had questions and problems. Everyone met after school on Tuesday, January 26 at Manny's Restaurant at 1141 S. Jefferson Ave. Those who attended the meeting included substitutes who are displaced, short/long term substitutes as well as retired teachers.  It is an opportunity for substitutes to share their issues with each other and a CTU field representative. The group talks about union contract articles and the frustrations that substitutes encounter on a daily basis. Everyone is given time to explain their issues and the group explores solutions.

Topics included the following:
1.Substitutes need to have prorated/reduced union dues. (high priority)
2.Positive/negative experiences of the work day.
3.Clarity is needed re: administrative write-ups and evaluations that lead to the dismissals of substitutes.
4.Purpose of a Substitute Blog
5.Professional Development days geared for substitutes
6.Access to technology in schools
8.A new union contract and its effects on substitutes

The next meeting will take place at 5:00pm. on Feb. 16th at Manny's Restaurant located at 1146 S.Jefferson St.  Free parking is in the back of the restaurant. Please consider joining the CTU Displaced/Substitute Committee. Contact Burma Green (committee chairman ( ) or CTU Field rep Zeidre Foster (312-329-6241) with your questions.

The next meeting will focus on the development of the upcoming Substitute Blog. The blog could provide a place to share information about a possible school vacancy/leave of absence, contribute important school news and provide feedback about anything on your mind. The exchange among substitutes is essential to preventing substitute teacher burnout and promoting confidence in your job. The blog will be advertised in the next CTU Newspaper. Please spread the news about the meetings to your friends who substitute.  

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