Friday, July 29, 2016

Don't Vote for Either!

A Vote for Hillary is a Vote for a Horrible System
By Jim Vail

Green Party Jill Stein president candidate represents the people.

I posted the following on my Facebook page:

"Facebook friends - Michael Bloomberg has endorsed Hillary Clinton. Bloomberg, the one who went to war against teachers, closing as many schools as he could in NY, and is focused on destroying public education everywhere funding ed reform groups like Michelle Rhee. Plus Clinton's VP pick was a really big F$ck You to progressives everywhere."

Sometimes your emotions get the better of you and you want a forum to cry out, "Enough!" 

It appears among progressives, Sandernistas, and many others - the need to vote Hillary is to stop Trump.

Never mind that the American Federation of Teachers endorsed Hillary from the beginning. They are part of a system destroying public education, having endorsed President Obama and Race to the Top.

But Hillary flat out slapped the progressives and Bernie Sanders showed what he was always - a stalwart of the Democratic party, a fictional character playing his role in the system to keep people connected to the Dem party which together with the Republicans run an empire destroying parts of the world it finds fit and waging war on the working class with brilliant anti-union ideas like Race to the Top, Right to Work, austerity cuts, attacks on our social programs, while supporting Wall Street.

That is Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

It is not the Green Party's Jill Stein. She much better represents working people like you and I, and therefore she does not get the corporate fundraising and money to wage a real campaign.

You could even say Bernie got the platform, courtesy of the Dem party, and then told everyone to vote Hillary. Some progressive. 

I would say a vote from progressives for Hillary is based on fear.

But fear of what? Certainly, our unions and middle class were not built up on fear. As FDR famously said in the 1930s to battle fascism and implement the New Deal, viciously attacked by the ruling class that supports Trump and Clinton today:

"You have nothing to fear but fear itself."

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