Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump Wins

Trump Wins - People Continue to Lose
By Jim Vail

Our Smilin Lyin Commander In Chief

Donald Trump surprised many of us, shocked us many would say, by winning the president race.

People didn't think it was possible. A clown, a racist, a wacko, etc., etc.  How could someone like that win?

Well, first, he is one hell of a brilliant businessman who knows how to fool the people, amass millions and get his name everywhere. 

And his womanizing, lying, vicious talk, fakeness and obsession with image make up the perfect face for a vicious empire that bombs the world and now looks like the joke it really is.

I found it humorous some people lamented on Facebook that World War III could break out. But that was Hillary Clinton his opponent who threatened to go to war against Russia, not Trump. In fact, Trump said the US should focus on working with Russia to fight Islamic fascists in Syria, not destroy the government like Hillary did in Libya that gave birth to ISIS.  

Trump played to people's dark side by blaming immigrants for taking their jobs. He was the only one who spoke to the working class white people who have lost their jobs. He was also the only one who said he would stop the disastrous free-trade agreements, tear up NAFTA and bring back jobs to Ameria. The Democrat stayed quiet on that too.

In fact, the only reason to vote for Hillary was to vote against Trump the clown. 

But why vote for Hillary if she promised nothing for the people who continue to lose in this system. Like eight years of Obama made our first black president a practical non-entity when he implored people to vote for Hillary.

It reminded me why Bruce Rauner won against Democrat Pat Quinn for governor. He wanted to be Rauner by naming Paul Vallas as his running mate. There was no reason to vote for Quinn. What did he do for the working class? 

The people voted against the establishment again.

But they will get nothing in return. Just like those poor Ukrainians who rushed out to overturn their corrupt government, implement a coup and establish a new government. A new government beholden to Western interests, to American empire interests namely, that demands privatization and further eroding the social contract to support the people. 

The people always lose in a capitalist system where the ruling class controls the political mechanism. 

Trump did what he did because he was able to finance his campaign. He was free to tell the truth - and lie as he always does like any good politician - and show who Hillary really was, a paid whore to Wall Street, CIA hacks and the establishment she has served and that made her and her cheatin husband very rich.

Trump promised big business and the wealthy more tax cuts, and to bring back jobs to the people.

Trump's a billionaire. A liar. A fake.

Wall Street will get its tax breaks. The people will continue to eat shite.

These elections are a fake choice for the people. 

So the great wizard continues to do his magic and the people of Oz continue to wear their green spectacles and vote.

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