Saturday, December 17, 2016

Privatize Clerks

Now CPS Wants to Privatize the Clerks!
By Jim Vail

The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) now have the clerks in their sight to privatize their services. 

Just like when CPS privatized the engineers, which certainly didn't help the schools when engineers were no longer under local control of the principals, their jobs outsourced which results in reduced pay and benefits, and more schools to service for less.

The staff at Hammond School were asked to sign a petition to immediately eliminate the new requirements for personal payroll management through Kronos Self Self-Service.

The teachers object to the unfair practice of forcing teachers to manage and monitor their own payroll, including benefit days, absences, and leaves. The petition was prepared by the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) and passed out at the last House of Delegates (HOD) meeting last Wednesday, that states "we object to the harms this will cause to Clerks around the system as positions are eliminated and combined."

The petition also states that time is taken from instructional preps, lunch, and or personal time at least once a week, including training, no hard copies or further instruction was provided prior to installation of the program, no technological support for staff, and staff and faculty are being asked to perform technology tasks outside the realm of instruction, thus creating excessive paperwork for teachers.

The new contract just ratified states that CPS must not issue excessive paperwork to the teachers, however, critics say the language is vaguely worded in the contract and thus can be exploited by CPS.

In addition, the union petition states the instructional material has been inadequate and the new system creates stress, unease and fear of lost pay.

"This unnecessary and onerous system will deprive educators of time necessary to prepare instruction, mentor students, and attend to the needs of our classroom," the petition states. 

CPS is already piloting this program in a few select schools, some located on the North side. Word out there is teachers don't like it.

One of the things teachers will have to do is fill in the paperwork when they are absent, or late that the clerks currently do.

We at Second City Teachers encourage all schools to bring signed petitions back to the union and have it presented to the Chicago Board of Education meeting to state we do not want our valuable clerks privatized!

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