Sunday, January 29, 2017

NY Immigrant Fight Back

Immigrant Fight Back in New York

Hi colleagues.

Last night I was at  JFK airport protest till after midnight, along with thousands of others to demand the immigrants and refugees be let in.  There were protests in L.A., Chicago, and San Francisco as well.  The protests urgently demanded the release of the people who are being held captive at the airports, and can not enter the U.S., and may face imminent deportation if the court stay is lifted.

Sunday at 2 pm at Battery Park, the protests are continuing.  

On Monday, at Chancellor's Day, in our UFT meeting at lunch, I asked for an agenda  point to discuss a union committee to defend our immigrant students. 

There will be more protests, including a speak-out on Thursday at Hunter College at 4 pm and many others.

Interestingly, last night the New York Taxi Workers Alliance carried out what I think was the first labor protest against the ban, refusing to pick up passengers at JFK for an hour last night.

New York is an immigrant town. The public schools of NYC have a majority of students whose families come from somewhere else and speak other languages at home. As educators, we are dedicated to defending our students and their families.

Marjorie Stamberg
NY teacher delegate

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