Saturday, April 29, 2017

No leaders at Chambers Rally

Where was the CTU Leadership at Sarah Chambers Rally?
By Jim Vail

The CTU leadership decided to not attend the rally to save delegate teacher Sarah Chambers job last week.

Why didn't CTU leaders show up at a rally to save Sarah Chambers job last week at Saucedo Elementary School in Little Village?

It certainly looked a bit strange to me that there was Chuy Garcia, the Cook County commissioner who ran for mayor in the last election at the prodding of the union, to be speaking out on behalf of activist teacher Sarah Chambers, whom the Chicago Public Schools is trying to fire.

But not one CTU officer made it to the rally.

They suspended Chambers from teaching at the school and a rally was held in which about a 100 people came out to defend her.

I first asked Sarah, and she said to ask the leadership.

So I emailed our vice president Jesse Sharkey, who stated:

"It was not a dis. We've been doing a lot of work on Sarah's case (and several other cases too, btw which we think are part of a pattern by Forrest Claypool to target outspoken teachers), but there was a conflict last week so we had to miss the rally."

To which I replied in an email back:

"With all due respect, I'm wondering what took precedence over showing public support for arguably the union's top activist teacher on the firing line."

Sharkey replied that, "we are running a big union and there was actually both an urgent matter that will directly impact 25,000 members and the entire staff AND an appointment that was required by a resolution of the HOD."

Am I arguing the four officers need to be personally present in order to demonstrate our committment to her case, Jesse asked me.

Absolutely YES!!!  Sarah has been on the firing line to defend teacher and union rights, and CPS decision to suspend her and possibly fire her is a huge attack on our union.

I'm not saying every officer should have been at Saucedo, but to not send at least one high-level elected officer to show support for our union doesn't seem right.

When one of your best 'rank and file' soldiers goes done, you want your captain right there to show your troops we will fight back.

That didn't happen and it's disappointing to say the least.

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