Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sarah Chambers Fight Continues

The Fight to Save Our Top Activist Sarah Chambers Continues!
By Jim Vail

Many aldermen support star teacher activist Sarah Chambers.

The fight to save Saucedo special education teacher Sarah Chambers job continues as almost 20 aldermen have signed letters of support to have her reinstated.

Chambers, considered the Chicago Teachers Union top activist, was suspended and has a hearing to determine termination. The Chicago Public Schools have not determined exactly what she is accused of. Chambers says it is because she has been actively fighting against the board's special education cuts and other anti-public education policies.

Here is the letter of support from our Ald. Harry Osterman of the 48th Ward:

Ald. Harry Osterman wrote a letter in support of Sarah Chambers

"Dear Members of the Chicago Board of Education:

"Please allow this letter to serve as a formal request to have Sarah Chambers, an accomplished special education teacher and ardent advocate for expanding the rights and resources aimed at assisting students with special needs all throughout the Chicago Public School district, fully reinstated as a teacher in good standing.

"In addition to her extraordinary work in the classroom, Sarah is also a sponsor of the Gay-Straight Allianace (GSA) at Maria Saucedo Scholastic Academy, an important group aimed at fostering dialogue between student and faculty members at a time when the rights of LGBTQ students are under assault.

"Taken together, Sarah is an award winning teacher, one who has been praised for her efforts by six different administrations.

"There is much uncertainty surrounding the actual reasons why Sarah Chambers was suspended in the first place, particularly in light of the fact that special education funding is suffering from devastating cuts on the local, state and federal level, it hardly makes sense to lose our most talented instructors in this field in light of these circumstances.

"With so many hurdles facing our schools in the City of Chicago, I would hope that the Board of Education considers the unintended consequences of punished employees who dedicate their lives to advancing the cause of public education.

"I thank you in advance for your attention to the matter and please do not hesitate to contact my office if you have any questions reiterated in the request."


Harry Osterman
Alderman, 48th Ward

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