Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Chambers & CTU

CTU Chambers Correction on Secondcityteachers
By Jim Vail

Back in the day newspapers were the sole purveyors of news. Today it's the internet.

So when there was a mistake made, it was a big deal. The newspaper would issue a correction, and hopefully the matter would be solved.

Not today - who knows what is true, and what is 'fake news' as our president says, with people getting their information from the internet, and god knows where the information comes from - sometimes a legitimate source, and many times not. Who ever heard of a correction?

But being raised and bred a journalist where we are supposed to check our facts and report the news, I take to heart when someone points out an inaccuracy in a story I write. 

In this case I wrote about how the CTU hasn't been the strongest fighter to save star activist Sarah Chambers' job. One point I made was the CTU website did not post the story about the union's lawsuit against Chicago Public Schools for her firing because she was a whistle blower.

On Twitter one person pointed out that the story was posted. And sure enough, when I checked, it was. It is now the third blog post.

So I must make a correction. I will say that I did not see this story posted after the press conference last week, verifying my theory that the CTU has been a lukewarm fighter against the CPS to have Chambers reinstated. I check last weekend and wrote my story last week on a Monday. 

Well, the story is there for all to see that the union has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Ms. Chambers. That is good.

And I stand corrected when I pointed out in my story that this fact wasn't posted on the internet.

And I hope the CTU will continue to fight hard for Chambers job. 

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