Friday, May 16, 2014

CTU Tentative Budget

CTU To Propose 2014 - 2015 Budget
By Jim Vail

Next month's delegate's meeting in June has traditionally been a contentious fight over a proposed budget for the Chicago Teachers Union.

However, this year looks to be no fight left in delegates left devastated in the wake of unprecedented attacks on the teachers by an administration under the direction of the 1%.

No comments were made at the mics to even comment on the CTU's tentative budget.

Teacher union dues for 2015 will be $1,059.64, only a slight .7% increase, while PSRPS - teacher aides - will be $635.78.

The CTU revenues from teachers for 2014 was $25,085,573, projected to increase 1% for next year. 

CTU expenses, according to the CTU's tentative budget, are in the form of affiliation payments ($13 million to American Federation of Teachers and Illinois Federation of Teachers), and about $15 million for employee salary and benefits and other operating expenses.

The CTU projects to add one more job for a total of 65 employees in 2015; there will be 6 clerks ($783,283), 4 pr specialists ($509,318), 19 field reps and other "contract enforcement" personnel ($3.4 million), 13 financial specialists ($1.5 million), 4 officers ($616,000), 9 organizers ($1 million), 2 political action employees ($250,000), 6 professional development workers ($862,000) and 2 researchers ($172,000).

*Note - the two political operations employees combined are making almost $80,000 more than the two researchers!

The CTU noted that overall compensation and benefits expenses are up 2.6% to $9.56 million. Employee benefits include retirement plans, health, dental, life and parking. The severance benefit has been capped allowing for the reduction of $125,000 in budget accruals (what the hell does that mean?). For 2015, the overall increase in salaries is 4.3%, and includes a 2% general increase and bargained step increases.

Pay for part-time, overtime, sick and severance accrual is projected to fall 32%, from a whopping $524,361 to $353,014. That was probably due to the fact some old United Progressive Party hacks had to be bought out, such as field rep extraordinaire Ted Hajiharis, famous for grabbing the mic from former CTU president Debbie Lynch and shouting in people's faces at delegates meetings.

Total expenses for 2015 will increase $568,328 to about $29 million due to funding the AFT conference in LA and a projected $150,000 for collective bargaining to begin in 2015, as well as consulting expenses in matters such as pension legislation.

A further breakdown shows roughly $550,000 for union meetings, $1.4 million in rent at the Merchandise Mart, $900,000 for office and computer expenses, $1.6 million for legal expenses, $700,000 for consultants, $570,000 for publications, $150,000 for organizing and $145,000 for public relations.

Now, to put things in perspective, compare the CTU pr budget to Rahm Emanuel's. Just try, I dare you.

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