Saturday, May 10, 2014

Odessa Horror

By Stephen Wilson

(Moscow, Russia) - 'We are simply in shock .It is completely incompreshensible.We don't know what to further expect?'

            Journalist by the name of Alexis who only narrowly escaped  from the ravaged House of trade-unions.

            His colleague Andrei Brazhevski was murdered by Fascists.

            Interviewing Andrei wasn't easy.Although he has strong nerves and is calm in a crisis,(he had casually shrugged off the loss of one hand as being one of those things that has to be accepted),even he  was shaken. Although he had been sent to cover horrible events such as the Nord Orst siege and Beslan (where terrorists took over a school and slaughtered a lot of school children) ,nothing could have prepared him for the news from Odessa.

            For he had lost one of his fellow journalists who had been beaten to death by fascists and another colleague who had only narrowly escaped had told him the devastating news.So Andrei was constantly dropping out for a smoke on the balcony and returning a little shaken and angry.But he eagerly spoke.He wanted to set the record right in regard to what happened.This is because so much nonsense has been written not to mention confused accounts, disinformation and 'crackpot conspiracy' theories '.

            From some accounts you might be forgiven for believing that the attack on 'The House of Trade-unions' was just a spontaneous attack by a few football hooligans who got carried away or that it was a scuffle between Maiden and Anti-Maiden protesters which got out of hand! Insensitive statements from the government in Kiev blame Russia for the incident as if the victims were only themselves to blame for the tragedy. But this was no accident or spontaneous attack. It was an intended and premediated assault which was most likely planned in advance by a fascist group called 'Right sector'. Many of those fascists were already armed with automatic guns,axes ,machetes and molotov cocktails. There were as many as an estimated 800 fascists who had come from Kharkovi.They attacked 200 anti-Maiden demonstrators with molotov cocktails, guns and sticks and axes. Fifty percent of those demonstrators were woman and pensioners who were unarmed.

            Andrei told me of how he had spoken to his colleague Alexis, who was in the building at the time. The demonstrators who fled from the fascists and taken refuge in the House of Trade unions. When the fascists reached the building they not only threw molotov cocktails at the building but were entering the building and shooting people to death or bludgeoning them to death! One pregnant woman who was a member of staff was strangled to death in her       cabinet with an electric cable. Thirty people were reported to have died from inhaling fumes but as one woman from Odessa stated 'they were murdered.' Many people who fled the building were shot or beaten to death by fascists.

            Alexis,who was in the building at the time, leapt from the building to escape the flames. By some miracle he survived. But his poor colleage was not so lucky. When Andrei Brazhevski leapt from the 2nd or 3rd floor he he was savagely beaten to death by fascists below. He was beaten to death by 5 or 6 thugs who were armed with machetes'. Several fascists who were armed with automatic guns were shooting people who were fleeing from the  burning building. During those events the local police stood by and did nothing to prevent the attack.

            The surving journalist Andrei stated 'The police stood by and did not try to stop the attack but if they had not been present the fascists would have killed all of us'.

            As yet, nobody knows how many people died in this attack. According to one person in Odessa ,'the number of bodies was not 43,but more than a hundred.Now they are already speaking of the number of dead reaching between 160 to 200! From suffocation nobody died .All were killed. As many as 42 bodies were found on the first floor. They say that Right sector beat them up and wanted to hide their crimes by concealing corpses.'

            In fact, many of the photos of burnt corpses show bullet head-shots indicating they were previously shot.

            It is because of those very obscene and horrific incidents that many Russians don't want to lie under a new nationalist government who have only recently established a new National Guard filled with members of Right Sector. This national guard has been created to replace an already ineffective Ukrainian army. The Russians not only believe that the new government in Kiev is illegitimate ( was not even democratically elected), but is incapable of maintaining law and order and protecting Russian minorities.The government's 'anti-terrorist operations' certainly did not extend to Odessa. In fact, all those attacks on the newly formed Russian republics are strictly speaking illegal. They violate the Ukrainian constitution which forbids a government from physically attacking their own citizens. This is why the former president of Ukraine Yanukovytch hesitated for so long to issue an order to shoot demonstrators in Kiev (the order may have been to shoot armed demonstrators).

            For the moment, in Moscow, people are stunned by the rapid and reckless pace of events. An engineer called Konstantin Komlev angrily thundered 'What has happened in Odessa is beyond the pale of humanity. This is fascism. The most real manifestation of unyielding Hitlerism. This is worthy of in international court in the Hague as a crime against humanity'. Very few people would disagree with his sentiments.

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