Monday, March 30, 2015

Fioretti Backs Emanuel

Fioretti Backs Emanuel?
By Jim Vail

Bob Fioretti now supports Rahm!
Fighting Bob Fioretti, the valiant alderman who was a big supporter of the Chicago Teachers Union, one upped the union.

He got snubbed after being the one who walked the strike line and even showed up to CORE events before they won and took over the reigns of the CTU. The CTU decided we don't need losers like Bob, we're going to endorse unknown Cook County Commissioner Chuy Garcia.

So this past weekend he endorsed Rahm Emanuel, the CTU's Enemy No. 1.

There were teachers at the CTU's delegates meeting to vote on the Chuy endorsement who wanted to endorse Fioretti, who was one of the biggest fighters on behalf of the CTU in the City Council.

Well, Fioretti proved once again how bankrupt our political system is.

He said he endorsed Emanuel because the neoliberal privatizer can handle the city finances.

Certainly, Mr. Fioretti would know this. He was a big backer of tax monies via the controversial TIFF program going to corporations such as the Willis Tower.

The two education news blogs Substance News and Michael Klonsky surprisingly have mentioned nothing of it, so far.

I will credit Subtance which ran a wonderful analysis by Lee Sustar in the Socialist Worker about the history of Chuy Garcia. (His article is reprinted below!) But I know Substance supported Fioretti.

Garcia has kept details of his budget plans a secret, and no longer supports reopening closed schools as was once suggested. He implemented austerity cuts against county workers pensions and closed mental health clinics while a floor leader for machinest Toni Preckwinkle.

And now Mr. CTU supporter himself is going with Rahm.

Politics is bunk I tell you. You'll get your heart broken every time.

I especially feel bad for all those supporters of Tim Meegan who ran one hell of a campaign to oust machinest Deb Mell. I knew Mell had too much behind her to lose that election.

But what do these supporters of Meegan do now? Go home? Was it only an election that brought them out?

I certainly hope not. That is not the real fight. The real fight has yet to come. The real fight is to stop the cuts, support people's pensions, stop closing schools and mental health clinics. That is the fight everyone should be involved in.

Not a once in four years or so election to then get the blood sucked out of you in City Hall should you, against all odds, win.

Well, thanks Bob for keeping it real. Politics 101 - destroy your enemies, the people be damned!

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