Friday, March 13, 2015


PARCC Promotes Money Lie
By Jim Vail

The PARCC test, the new standardized test pushed by those at the top, is currently underway.

While there are no teachers leading boycotts today, some having been subjected to massive harassment last year for opting out of the ISAT's swan song, there are students opting out.

The fact is students can opt out. 

And this has the the Chicago Board of Education scared enough to lie about cutting off funding to the schools should these students exercise their rights.

The Chicago Public Schools have threatened the schools that any students opting out will result in federal government monies to the schools, such as Title 1, being cut.

But this is a bald faced lie, according to those who are fighting this insane testing mania that is enriching corporations at the expense of the children.

Raise Your Hand, a group that has been fighting the crazy standardized testing mania in Chicago, said this funding threat is simply not true!

They state in a flyer that the schools will not lose funds if students opt out of the PARCC.

"The State Board of Education claimed that schools would lose funds if students did not take last year's test, but no schools in CPS lost any money. No CPS school has ever lost money from not taking a standardized test. In New York last year, 67,000 students opted out of the Common Core test and did not lose state or federal funds. CPS and the State Board of Ed are making overblown threats to scare families from opting out of this unnecessary test."

While some administrators have tried to prevent information about the students' rights to opt out being distributed outside their schools, others see more information about this harmful test a good thing to inform the parents.

And once the results come back, people will know there are ulterior motives to ramming this unfair test down the heads of poor children across this country.

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