Monday, January 18, 2016

CTU Sub Dues Too High

CTU Sub Dues Too High
By Jan Peczkis
CPS Sub/ Long-Displaced Older CPS Teacher

For the last several years, I have not been a member of the CTU because I cannot afford it, with my meager earnings of a sub ($23,000/year theoretical max.)

For over a year-and-half, since being re-instated, I have been trying to get the CTU to allow pro-rated dues for subs. After some runaround, I learned that a CTU constitutional amendment was needed for this.  

They said that they would "look into it." Nothing concrete happened. Now their excuse is that they don't have time, for such a presumably-simple amendment, because of the contract negotiations. But, since I had first proposed it a year and half ago, the CTU had plenty of time to push through the amendment well before the contract-related issues came up.

All this time, I repeatedly contacted Kristine Mayle, whom I was told to contact, never got a concrete commitment for change, or at least hardship-dues exemption that I only recently heard about, and, as you can see below, recently just got the runaround--in fact a Catch-22 situation. 

​Lately, I asked Adam Geisler, the CTU delegate from Bateman School (where I often sub) to bring it up at the Delegates Meetings, and he has (as indicated below) but with no results or even movement.


Ms. Mayle,

I have been trying for over a year to get CTU to adopt a constitutional amendment that would allow pro-rated CTU dues for substitute teachers. So far there has not been much movement on this issue.

I had recently heard that CTU allows membership, with exemption from dues, for hardship cases. I had never heard of this before.

What is the maximum combined income that a husband and wife (with no children), with both age 61, can have and qualify for exemption from CTU dues?

Jan Peczkis
Long-Displaced Older CPS Teacher
CPS Substitute

Dear Jan,

CTU records indicate that you have not been a union member since 2009.  Although we appreciate your interest, we cannot respond to your request.



That is just the point. I am a displaced teacher, and have been a substitute teacher since 2006, and cannot any longer afford the dues.

That is why I am asking you if I could become a member of CTU while exempt from dues because of hardship?

Jan Peczkis

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  1. From Jan Peczkis

    I would like to point out that I want to be a member of the CTU for a number of reasons. I want to take part in strike votes, and I would likely like to run as a delegate. One has to be a member to do this.

    I appreciate the relatively good wages that CPS subs make--$158/day for a 7-hour day. This contrasts with the jocular wages I was paid while subbing for the UNO and Aspira charter schools--$95/day to $110/day for an 8-9 hour day. ​