Sunday, January 3, 2016

Second City Teachers is Back!

Brief Hiatus Renews Strength!
By Jim Vail

The Second City Teachers news blog that I edit and write took a winter vacation. 

Thanks to my overseas travels and an uncooperative Google firewall, I was not able to update our readers on the current events swirling around the windy city.

But we are back and ready to inform, analyze and comment on the news hitting this city good and hard.

I am currently writing for a newspaper called and my editor agreed that the stories I write for them can also be read here.

The past month I have written articles about the upcoming Chicago Teachers Union contract negotiations and a possible strike. I have also written about the police brutality cases and how our 1% mayor is facing the wrath of this city.

Chicago is such an international embarrassment that when I visited Russia this break, the news on police shootings and protests against the mayor on TV had the Russians asking me what's going on in Chicago.

Well, let's look into 2016.

CTU is ready for another strike at the worst possible time for the mayor. I reported that Mayor Emanuel will work a last-minute deal and offer the teachers a one-year reprieve that he had early offered.

That was my New Year's prediction No. 1.

Mayor Emanuel is such an embarrassment to the city now with all the protests demanding his resignation that even the 1% who fund his existence are getting tired.

Mayor Emanuel gone this year.

New Year's prediction No. 2.

The CTU delegates meet this upcoming Wednesday and Second City Teachers will continue to inform our readers on the latest developments.

This new year should be an interesting one. The last one ended with a bang, and that bang ain't ending soon.

Happy New Year's everyone!

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