Wednesday, June 29, 2016


By Stephen Wilson

               British voters decided to leave the European Union. 

               You may well ask: "Does it really matter? "After all, the European Union is far from being a benevolent charity club but is in reality really a business club designed to protect the interests of Big Business and ensure no sharp political instability threatens their vested interests .

               However, even this does not mean that the European Union has been presented with an unlimited licence to drive down the living standards of the working class. The facts are that even the ruling class has had to grant concessions to the Labour and Trade union   movement to avert the worst scenario of incessant strikes, riots and unrest which is far from conductive to an ideal environment for business. The fact British workers receive more protection under European law than either English or Scottish law in terms of conditions such as the right of dismissal, the minimum wage and paternity leave.

               One of the main proponents of the leave vote, the lively, warm and charming Boris Johnston has gone on record as claiming we have to: "Root out the nonsense of the social chapter, the working-time directive, atypical work         directive and other job-destroying regulations". Another supporter Michael Gove states: "Paternity leave is job destroying". The basic logic is that employers can't afford to employ workers in Europe at decent wages and any worker who demands too much income is 'pricing himself out of the
market. ' Anyone who has had to do a course on elementary economics will be familar with the logic as well as unreal and abstract demand and supply curves that send you to sleep...

               One of the main reasons for wanting to leave the European Union is not bogus arguments about 'sovereignty ' or ' empowerment' of people. On the contrary, it is about depriving the British workers of what basic rights they already have..

               The campaign has taken an ugly turn, especially with the murder of labour M.P. Jo Cox, by a mentally unstable fascist. Jox Cox was one of the few principled politicians who stood up for unpopular causes such as defending migrants and refugees.

               It is no accident that The Trade Union Congress is for remaining in the European Union. They believe that should we leave, worker's will have less social protection from rapine employers.

               The referendum itself reveals that Britain is a deeply polarised society.

               While most Scots want to remain in the European Union, more of the English are for leaving. The British Prime Minister David Cameron has even warned that in the event of Britain moving to leave Europe, Scotland 's desire for independence might be boosted. He also claimed that Russians would be gloating over a Yes-vote. The implications are that Russian and British interests are 'incompatible'.

                In other words, if the Russians want it, it must be bad as they are always suspected of bad intentions.

                If I was a die-hard Scots nationalist, I would be yearning for a 'yes ' vote.

                What the referendum indicates is that many of the fears of British people are not only unfounded but grossly inaccurate. For instance, most people in Britain believe that the number of migrants in Britain represent 31% of the population when the actual figures are as low as 13%. Yes, it is true that the number of migrants rose between 2004 -2012 to 170,000 a year, in contrast to 60,000 a year between 1991- 2003, but even this rise is far from suggesting Britain being swamped or engulfed by migrants.

                 We might ask: 'What British jobs are the migrants threatening?'.

                 They tend to be low paid dead end jobs in hospitals which British workers won't take. As a former politician Harold Wilson once stated, 'Without migrant workers the National Health service would collapse!'

                 One of the main dangers is that the left opposition in Britain will pander to the prejudices of ill-informed people against refugees just to win votes. They will collude with ignorance just to secure popularity. This has already been the case in Greece where a so-called 'left ' government
made an  illegal agreement to mass deport refugees to Turkey!

                 The crucial question remains: 'Who saves money from Brexit? The workers or some big business interests?"  "Will anyone see any of the money which is saved?" It is more than doubtful!  We will likely  have less rights and more unrest.

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