Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sub Meeting

By Pat Gerard

If you are subbing now, or if you have been told that you will be laid off this summer, you should come to the Substitutes/Displaced Teacher's gathering on Tuesday, June 7, at 5:00 pm. Location is Manny's Restaurant
1141 S. Jefferson St.  Parking is in the rear of the restaurant.

It is a chance to network and discuss any problems you encounter when subbing. If you think you will change from a regular classroom teacher to a substitute teacher in the fall, consider meeting everyone for dinner, or just a soda. 

Contact person is Burma Green ( greenbur@me.com) and CTU liaison Gloria Waller (312-329-6231) with your questions.

During the summer we plan on getting together to develop a communication blog for subs, as well as prepare a handout for new and returning substitutes. 

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