Monday, October 17, 2016

Perez lawyer demands return

Attorney for Teacher Accused of Stealing Garbage Demands Board Drop the Case

Schurz teacher Jorge Perez is being investigated for taking garbarge.

Dear Sara and Lois,

  I am writing on behalf of what I presume we can safely call our mutual client. I represented Jorge Perez in regards to the absurd criminal charges that were leveled against him that were dismissed on the first court appearance when nobody from the Board of Ed or his assigned school bothered to show up in court. I do not use the word "absurd" lightly as in 34 years of doing strictly criminal defense work in Chicago I can scarcely remember few other cases where it was more plain to me at the outset that he was charged strictly because of both a personality conflict with his school principal and pressure that the school administrator(s) felt to follow through. This despite his having numerous impartial witnesses that what he was taking out of the school were likely 50-75 year old slate boards that were cracked and stacked as garbage. The claim that one could tell from video that what he was carrying out were whiteboards is likewise absurd as even a cursory viewing of the video reflects that this is and was not the case. 

    In the meantime, it is now many months later and he continues to sit in the "penalty box" with no action being taken by the Board of Ed and seemingly little being done on his behalf by his union. I do not in any way mean any disrespect Sara. I am certain that it is your intention to act on his behalf and that you are totally well intended. Nonetheless, he continues to sit day after day and while he is getting paid it is demeaning, exceedingly boring and hurtful. On his behalf, I am respectfully asking you and your colleagues to consider trying to more aggressively push his case to a conclusion. 

Thank you in advance.

Very truly yours,

Jonathan Minkus

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