Saturday, October 22, 2016

Why Vote?

Do Elections Make a Difference?

This from one of our Readers:

It really seems like it is impossible to get anyone on even progressive TV who says elections don't change anything. Everyone is telling people to vote, whether it's for Clinton because of Trump or for a third party. This is all a misunderstanding of how capitalist society actually functions. Elections do not decide which class will rule or even which policies. They are meant to trick, bamboozle and de-mobilize the masses. To me, this becomes clearer and clearer. It isn't a question of parties, or corruption, or voter suppression, or anything else like that. It's the fact that elections settle disputes within the ruling capitalist class, and can never represent the people as long as that class runs society. But people have been so robbed of any understanding of classes or of how society really functions that this is an alien idea to them.

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