Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Clerks Sold Out?

Are the CPS Clerks Being Sold Out by Our Union?
By Jim Vail

Are the Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union colluding in order to sell out our clerks whose jobs CPS wants to privatize.

That was a question on some clerks' minds after they attended a so-called professional development for the clerks on attendance and other office work a few weeks ago. 

The suspect PD, which the clerk I spoke to said they haven't had in a very long time if ever, was set up quickly, and after the presentation was made clock, out walked CPS and in walked CTU. 

The CTU told the clerks to oppose privatizing their jobs and to call the Board to save their jobs.

There are 12 pilot schools in which the teachers are doing their own time sheets via Kronos time which creates more work for clerks to double check the teachers to do their own time sheets. It is arguably more paper work also for the teachers, a violation of the new contract which mandates no extra paperwork.

The goal for the board of ed is to eliminate the clerk's positions, and have teachers do more of their time work.

But the CTU has not made a big enough deal to organize like they have for other endeavors. 

One source says the union presented school petitions to the head of labor relations for the board to show teachers are against this latest privatization scheme.

The board has privatized many services in the schools for the worst. We have Armark to clean the schools that are much dirtier because they cut the janitorial staff in half. They want to privatize the engineers - probably under Armark - and the schools will probably have less building engineers and less experienced.

The CTU will present a resolution against the Kronos pilot project at this week's House of Delegates meeting.

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