Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sub Play

Shamelessly Promoting a Fired Sub!
By Jim Vail

The name Peter Nerad I wrote about before. He was the substitute teacher who was fired for preventing a student from crossing a busy street outside Lane Tech High School.

He decided not to appeal his case, and is instead making plays.

He is the writer and producer of a play called the Unscatched that takes place before the turn of the last century in the wild west. There are cowboys, saloon brawals and sheriffs.

He and the director are pre-selling tickets for the play that will open in May at the Irish Cultural Center to raise money to make their independent production happen.

He asked me for some help to get the word out to fellow teachers and friends to support a great artistic endeavor. They even provide on the following web page a breakdown of the budget so we theater lovers know exactly where the money goes to make it happen.


Check out their promo video below:

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