Sunday, March 9, 2014

Support Boycott of ISAT!

Rally to Support ISAT Boycott
By Jim Vail

There will be a rally at the CPS Network #7 (Pilsen-Little Village) office Monday at 501 W. 35th Street from 4-6 pm in support of the teachers at Saucedo and Drummond Montessori schools who refused to administer the ISAT test.

It appears a real battle is shaping up between the Chicago Teachers Union and the Chicago Board of Education.  

At the CTU delegates meeting Saturday, teachers at Saucedo and Drummond described a climate of total fear and lock down. At Saucedo, a practical police state has been put in place during ISAT testing week with increased security and outside bureaucrats surrounding the school.

"They call the parents every day to opt in," Saucedo delegate Sarah Chambers said.  "The amount of bullying that has been going on has increased ten fold."

Students who refused to take the test are being intimidated with the increased security measures and pressure and one student has been threatened with expulsion, the teachers said.

"Teachers say you have to follow the law, but I say we had the Jim Crow laws," the Drummond delegate said at Saturday's delegate training.

The teaching staff at Saucedo and Drummond is divided, the delegates said. 

"It's hard to go to school when there's a total silence, people whispering about us, blaming us for the threats that the school won't get money or could be closed," the Drummond delegate said.

Seventy percent of the students have opted out of the ISAT test at Drummond, the delegate said.

The board is threatening reprisals, including firing teachers who refused to give the test.

The rally on Monday, March 10, is being organized by the CTU.  

CTU Flyer:

Join us Monday for a citywide day of action and rally at the CPS Network #7 (Pilsen-Little Village) office to show your strong support for the teachers and staff at Saucedo Scholastic Academy and Drummond Montessori who refuse to administer the ISAT. No retaliation against teachers! Stop bullying parents and children! Let us teach!

During Monday's day of action, be sure to wear red, and call the Chicago Board of Education and voice your support for Chicago's teachers, parents and students standing up for their rights. Call 773-553-1600 and tell the Board:
"I’d like to leave a message for all members of the Chicago Board of Education. I support families boycotting the ISAT and there should be no retaliation against teachers who stood up for their students on the ISAT."
Monday, March 10
4-6 p.m.
Pilsen-Little Village Network #7
501 W. 35th St.
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