Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Facebook & Reach!

Performance REACH Test Promotes Facebook & Ed Reform
By Jim Vail

The Chicago Public Schools Literacy Grade 5 Performance Task asks the students to read an article about Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, and record three main ideas:

A Happy $13 billionaire dollar Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

1) Facebook is successful

2) Mark Zuckerberg is successful
3) Mark Zuckerberg is innovative

The fact that Zuckerberg is today worth over $13 billion is further proof, and a detail students should list to prove how successful he is.

This Reach assessment - used to evaluate the effectiveness of teachers - states public schools are bad and education reform is necessary.

The article begins by stating that because Zuckerberg was so talented as a sixth grader he had to transfer out of the public school he was attending.

"He chose the private boarding school in New Hampshire because his public school 'didn't have a lot of computer courses or a lot of the higher math courses.'”

The article further states that Zuckerberg "pledged $100 million to the Newark, New Jersey public school system."

Zuckerberg pledged that money to destroy the public schools, put in more charter schools, rip up the existing union contract with teachers so that more "flexibility" to fire teachers was installed. 

Zuckerberg's so-called charity, as the article likes to put it, is a bit cynical in that the money was tied to an investment to promote charter schools. The Newark community eventually turned against the billionaire and his money.

Interestingly enough, this performance assessment article that gloats about the successes and riches of Zuckerberg, mentions the movie The Social Network, which actually painted a dark picture of the online prince. 

"It included scenes about lawsuits filed by Zuckerberg's former Facebook partner and two brothers who claimed to have originated the idea of a social networking site for college students."

The fact is Zuckerberg is a modern day opportunist, who was able to brilliantly wipe out his competition and then join up with fellow hedge fund vulture capitalists to promote union busting, education reform and gathering personal data on millions of Americans that can keep Uncle Sam very happy. 

He didn't become a billionaire by being a nice guy who fought for people's rights. 

But in today's neoliberal world in which the rich keep getting richer as the families of the children reading this test keep getting poorer, we are being brainwashed into believing that becoming a billionaire is all that matters.  

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