Friday, October 24, 2014

Time Rips Teachers!

Time Magazine Rips Teachers - Who Cares?
By Jim Vail

The corporate media has once again slammed teachers with its latest front cover story entitled "Rotten Apples."

The Twittering crowd are up in a twitter over the latest attack on public school teachers, with tweets like, "Can't imagine why any teacher would renew their subscription to Time for Kids," or "There's a shortage of 377,000 teachers & we're trying to find ways to fire more of them."

Well, first of all. Calling out Time Magazine for its latest article on teacher bashing would be like calling out Pravda for lauding the Soviet state once again, or calling Hitler out for stripping more Jews of their due process rights. 

Guys - it's what they does! 

Pravda was a mouth piece for the Soviet State (I love the story my colleague in Moscow told me that when he was a reporter for Time Magazine in 1969. He remembered while stationed in Moscow reading a small tiny paragraph buried on page 9 in Pravda with the headline, 'Man Lands on Moon.').

Hitler was a megolomaniac mass murderer who prided himself on his antisemitism.

We expect these entities to operate the way they do.

So why are people up in arms about Time Magazine's latest attack on the teaching profession? I almost want to cry when I hear calls to cancel subscriptions, send letters, and join American Federation of Teachers Randi Weingarten and her tweets to stand tall with teachers.

Well, that's what Randi's paid to do, so I get that.

But as for the rest of us - shame on you for even reading and taking Time Magazine seriously! They are merely a mouthpiece of the ruling class hell bent on destroying the last of the great teachers unions. 

Guys, come on. This is what they're supposed to do.

In fact, I would be concerned if the opposite were true. Time Magazine runs a cover story stating we need to defend public schools and public school teachers. 

Conspiracy theories would be running a mile a minute in my head.

But the Joe Blow public would think it normal.

Except it ain't. What we read in the mainstream media represents the 1% views to privatize, tear down and off shore while we the 99% lose our jobs, health benefits and pensions.

And when you read Time, or the NY Times, Washington Post or whoever, that is merely propaganda of the 1%. Wealthy hedge funds or billionaires hell bent on avoiding US taxes and exploiting their workers own the media in this country! 

In fact, it reminds me of why I first started writing for Substance News. I said we need to support our media - the media of public school teachers.

So wake up America and smell the coffee before it's too late! 

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