Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Scholarship Benefit Show!

Charter School Scholarship Dinner Benefit!
By Jim Vail

The Alliance of Progressive Teachers at Latino Youth, a newly formed unionized teaching force at the charter high school in Little Village, is hosting a Scholarship Fundraiser at Martin's Corner at 2056 W. 22nd Pl. this Friday, October 24, from 4 - 8pm.

The third annual fundraiser has helped raise funds in the past to pay for up to a semester at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

There will be live music, dinner and a stand up comedian Jaime de Leon, said to be a very funny guy.

"You'll have a great time, and know that you are supporting a great cause, helping to pay for college to make their dreams come true," said Latino Youth teacher and delegate Chris Baehrend. "Plus you get to suck down some delicious, home-style comfort food!"

The cost is $25 at the door for dinner and the show!

This years's proceeds will go toward a scholarship for one or more of the the high school's most academically-gifted students with greatest financial need, Baehrend said. The previous winner went on to a full scholarship to UIC.

Baehrend and his teachers fought a long battle to get their staff recognized as a union as part of the Alliance of Charter School Teachers or ACTS, which is under the Illinois Federation of Teachers.

Charter school teachers cannot become members of the Chicago Teachers Union.

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