Sunday, January 11, 2015

CTU Daley endorsement?

CTU Wants Daley Back?
By Jim Vail

In a stunning decision, the Chicago Teachers Union's political action committee recommended the endorsement of Patrick Daley Thompson, according to teacher delegate Erika Wozniak.

The CTU wants to endorse Patrick Daley Thompson for Alderman. 
Yes, the infamous Mayor Richard Daley, the corrupt corporate hack, who privatized as much of public education and other city services (parking meters!) as he could during his 20 year reign! His nephew Patrick has now been knighted the next alderman in the 11th ward.

And the Chicago Teachers Union leadership is now pushing an endorsement for this candidate.

The CTU delegates will vote on this endorsement, and a few others, at the next House of Delegates meeting this Wednesday, January 14.

"Patrick Daley Thompson has come out and said that he favors an appointed school board and school vouchers for private schools," said Lindblom delegate Alison Eichhorn. "He knocked on my door a couple of weeks ago and we talked for about 15 minutes. He told me that he favors a healthy balance of public, private and charter schools in each ward. He also told me that Balcer (our current alderman) has done a great job defending public education. Balcer is a rubber stamp and never votes against the mayor."

Daley Thompson announced last August that he was running for the 11th Ward seat now held by longtime Ald. James Balcer, who told the Chicago Tribune that he was retiring and insisted no one forced him aside to make way for a favorite son. Daley Thompson's uncle also happens to be the 11th ward Democratic committeeman. 

Eichhorn, along with Wozniak, are working to elect Maureen Sullivan, who is running against Daley Thompson in the 11th ward. 

Maureen Sullivan for alderman 11th ward.
According to Wozniak, Sullivan is a community activist who worked with the teachers to stop the school closings. Second City Teachers sent her a list of questions since our readers are not familiar with her candidacy.

"Daley has always sent his kids to Catholic school," Eichhorn stated in an email. "In fact, he told me that I should look into Catholic schools if I have kids, even after I told him that I was a CPS teacher. When I said most kids can't afford private school, that is when he told me that vouchers or something of that sort are a good idea."

Really? Even mayor Rahm Emanuel told our political action committee before he first ran that he does not support vouchers. 

Both Eichhorn and Wozniak said that the teachers union PAC committee believe he has "more power politically, is more 'polished' and is friendly to our interests."

"As for the latter, he must have lied during his entire interview because there is no way he will be anything but a rubber stamp," Eichhorn wrote. "This whole thing is maddening."

Second City Teachers contacted the CTU's press department for comment. As of press time, we have yet to hear from communications director Stephanie Gadlin.

This is the question I sent.

"Hi Stephanie,
I am about to report the CTU executive board has endorsed Mayor Richard Daley's nephew Patrick Daley Thompson for alderman in the 11th ward. Is this correct? If so, why? He supports charter schools and vouchers? What is the reason?
Thank you!"

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