Wednesday, January 7, 2015

HOD Postponed

CTU HOD Postponed
By Jim Vail

The Chicago Teachers Union postponed the monthly House of Delegates January 7 due to the cold weather that closed the schools.
The CTU executive board passed the resolution against the PARCC exam, according to a tweet from CTU delegate and exec member Sarah Chambers.
The Chicago Public Schools had unsuccessfully lobbied the Illinois State Board of Education to postpone the test. Many groups including Raise Your Hand and More than a Score have been fighting to postpone the test.
Most likely the HOD delegates will vote to pass the resolution at next week's meeting.
Delegate Chambers led a fight to opt out of the ISAT exam at Saucedo Elementary School last year. CPS fought back by trying to intimidate the teachers and students who opted out.
The delegates will also have to vote on more aldermanic candidate endorsements.
Teacher activists Tammie Vinson and Ed Hershey are both running for aldermen and looking still to get the CTU endorsement. Sources say the CTU leadership is looking to endorse Byron Sigcho, a member of the Pilsen Alliance, rather than Hershey. If so, expect a lively debate on the floor questioning the wisdom of neglecting to endorse CTU member candidates.
Teachers Timothy Meegan, Sue Garza and Dianne Daleiden have all been endorsed by the CTU for aldermen.
CTU President Karen Lewis has made repeated pleas for teachers to run for political office.

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