Thursday, January 1, 2015

House of Cards

House of Cards Speaks Our Language
By Jim Vail

House of Cards realistic portrayal of political world.
Second City Teachers has preached again and again how our political system is rigged - real power takes the form of cold campaign cash and luminous lobbyists. Fortunately, there is a TV series that takes a realistic look at this game.

I would recommend for well thought-out entertainment to watch House of Cards because it shows the ugly underbelly of politics and how our system really works.

"It's entertaining and cruises along with a strong pulse. There's a core mystery and American politics is mocked, appropriately, for being a two-party hustle of recrimination and separatism," stated one reviewer.

There was an earlier HBO series called The Wire that brilliantly portrayed city politics in Baltimore. It could have been filmed in Chicago, New York or any other urban center showing how the drug gangs, unions, corrupt politicians and others interact to make the city work.

Now we have House of Cards. It is not as in-depth and dynamic as The Wire, but it is fun, and gives us a front seat to the political world we still foolishly rubber stamp (some of us at least) each election year.

I took note watching Episode 2 in the first season about the debate on the education reform bill the newly-elected president wants to get passed. Using the media, the unions and fellow congressmen, they put together the reform bill that welcomes higher performance measures, more testing and non-union charter schools.

It is interesting how the politicians who get paid to represent the education reform movement smooth talk their opponents (namely unions) into allowing a slight increase in funding for charter schools, which the union people lament will underhand the public school system. A slippery slope!

This scene must have been the beginning of No Child Left Behind.

Today, the major teachers unions are singing the praises of charter schools.

House of Cards is a delight to watch with powerful character portrayals of the major players (namely Kevin Spacey).

I just wish the American public would see Washington D.C. and the whole set up as a farce, and understand the people play very little role behind closed doors where the money deals get hammered out, with silly hysterics on the side to deal with elections, drugs and prostitution.

Bottom line - Stop voting and making this thievery legitimate. Fight outside their system! 

The House of Cards will show you exactly why.

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