Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Elections are over!

Election Mania Over - Thank God!
By Jim Vail

Now that the elections are over, save the runoffs in April, we can all rest a bit.

And begin the real work.

Elections I have argued again and again really do not benefit we the people.

They are set up by the system, and the 1% who pay for it, to legitimize their ill begotten gains. Like privatized parking meters, private managers of corrupt charter schools stealing tax payer monies, bank bailouts, etc, etc.

Were those issues on the ballot? 

There were many worthy candidates who ran for a seat in the city council.  But I hate to say it, they reminded me of all those teachers who entered this noble profession to 'save the children.'

Noble indeed, not so realistic.

Teachers are decently compensated in this city, not because we voted for the right guys, but because we fought. The teachers went on strike several times during the reign of Harold Washington. That's right - teachers had to fight the great Harold to get what we wanted.

Now they are taking it all back, and elections put a rubber stamp on the whole process.

We know a mere one-third of the electorate voted. That is because those who are screwed by this system, working two, three or no jobs, barely paying the bills, don't see any stake in the elections. 

So we the teachers need to fight now. We have a new contract coming up where the boss wants to see blood. We have the continued attacks on public education and endless, mindless testing to further hurt the children.

So many miles to go before we sleep!

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