Monday, February 9, 2015

PAC Monies

CTU Provides Municipal Candidate Monies
By Jim Vail

Mayoral candidate Garcia got $52,600!
The Chicago Teachers Union made a motion in which it asked the delegates to okay more money in the political fight.

The leadership asked the teacher delegates in January to okay an extra $1.5 million from the general operating funds to fund political races, and communications as well as the fight to preserve the teachers' pensions.

The interesting technical question raised was whether this was legal considering that only political action committee funds should be used to fund political campaigns. The teachers have the option to fund from their paychecks money to be used to support politicians.

CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey said that this has been done in the past, but it is not a precedent they want to set. It would be a one time thing, he said. 

The union is also so well-run today that there was extra money left over (remember the lavish parties and cell phone and company car allowances of the UFT days?) to do this.

The resolution passed unanimously.

It was also asked that this union be transparent and let its members know where this money is going.

We the delegates received in our delegate packages a breakdown of where our teacher union monies are going.

The shocker once again?  Good old state house speaker and Mr. corruption extraordinaire - charter school lover - keep closing public schools - Chicago machine all the way Michael Madigan got a nice check for $25,000!

Yes, we fight school closings and then send Madigan a nice big fat check after he took out the school closings moratorium in the Soto bill set up to stop school closings.

The biggest CTU check went to, no surprise here, Mr. Chuy Garcia, the CTU endorsed mayoral candidate for $52,600.

The next highest recipients of CTU money were CTU members and alderwomen candidates Sue Garza and Tara Stamps for $42,000 each. 

CTU endorsed candidate Sue Garza got $42,000!

Roosevelt High School history teacher and candidate for the 33rd ward alderman Tim Meegan got the next big check for $25,000 to match Madigan.

The following alderman candidates got CTU money: 

Ald. John Arena - 45th ward incumbent - $25,753.04

Ald. Nicholas Sposato - 38th ward incumbent - $22,500

David Moore - 17th ward candidate - $20,000

Ald. Hairston - 5th ward incumbent - $17,500

Carlos Rosa - 35th ward candidate (against Rey Colon) - $15,000

Ald. Roderick Sawyer - 6th ward incumbent - $12,500

Ald. Toni Foulkes - 16 ward incumbent - $12,500

Juanita Irizarry - 26th ward - $12,500

Ald. Rick Munoz - 22nd ward candidate (incumbent) - $8,000

Ald. Scott Waguespack - 32nd ward (incumbent) - $8,000

Frank Bass - 24th ward - $5,000

Dianne Daleiden - 40th ward candidate - $5,000

Rafael Yanez - 15th ward candidate - $5,000

Zerlina Smith - 29th ward candidate - $5,000

Denice Davis - 46th ward candidate - $2500

Pete DeMay - 12th ward - $2500

CTU endorsed Ed Hershey promised $1700.

The CTU endorsed 24 candidates for city council alderman.

Lindblom High School teacher and CTU endorsed alderman candidate Ed Hershey was not listed as receiving any CTU monies. However, he told Second City Teachers that the union promised to him about $1700.

So who didn't get a dime from the CTU who was endorsed?

According to the list, Alderman Michael Zalewski 23rd ward, Ald. Matt O'Shea 19th ward, Chuks Onyezia 18th ward, and Maureen Sullivan 11th ward. 

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