Saturday, February 14, 2015

Solar Power!

Why Do Rahm and the PBC Refuse to Install Solar on Chicago’s Public Buildings?
Press Conference
Contact:  Kathryn Pensack, 773-968-6295
On Wednesday, February 4th Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Chairman of the Public Building Commission (PBC), said to the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition:
“We are proving here in the City of Chicago that adopting a clean energy strategy is good for the environment, good for business, good for jobs, and good for our economic future.”
So Why does the PBC refuse to put Solar on our New buildings?
Does it have anything to do with the Mayor's and Chicago’s close ties to Exelon, the largest competitive power generator in the United States, owning over half of the country’s nuclear power, including Three Mile Island?
Chicago ranks 40th  of  57 U.S. cities in solar electricity per person .
That's 17 times less than Indianapolis!
Every year the Mayor’s PBC uses our taxes to build schools, libraries, park buildings, fire houses, and police stations. Twelve of these are under construction right now. 
Our city government is duty-bound by the public trust to protect environmental quality and the lives and welfare of our residents from the life threatening disasters of Climate Change.
In 1995, 800 Chicagoans died from a massive heat wave.
In 2010 and 2011, Tens of Thousands of us were flooded out of our homes, apartments and businesses.
On Tuesday, 2/10/15, Chicago residents will take action, holding a press conference and testifying to demand that the PBC, led by its Chairman, Mayor Emanuel, adopt a policy to include solar on every new building and addition the PBC builds, including all new schools, colleges, libraries, park buildings, fire and police stations built in the last 30 years that are "Solar Ready".
This will save $$millions of dollars in energy costs, lower CO2 emissions, provide training and jobs for Chicagoans throughout our city and offer thousands of our school children educational opportunities and hope for All Life to continue on Mother Earth.
Solar on public buildings will be an example and inspiration to all Chicagoans.
Mayor Emanuel: Put Solar on Chicago’s Public Buildings Now!
ENDORSED by: Chicago Teacher's Union, Illinois Tenants Union, Chicago Gray Panthers, Aldermanic candidates Olga Bautista (10th Ward) and Tim Meegan (33rd Ward), Howard Ehrman, MD, MPH, and Don Olson (C.R.I.S.I.S.)

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