Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Nobody Should Work from Home!

Why are Job Fairs No Longer Local Affairs
By Jim Vail

Why are teacher job fairs no longer local affairs?

I spoke to a student teacher in the city who told me that she took half a day off to attend a job fair.

She like many other student teachers is attending a city university and is planning to get her teachers license to teach in Chicago.

However, the teachers job fair she attended two weeks ago had few if any local schools looking for teachers.

Most of the schools at the job fair were seeking teachers were from out of state - Texas, Tennessee, Florida, etc., she said.


Why would schools in right-to-work southern states be seeking teachers in a blue state with union protections?

Why can't they just recruit their own down the road?

If a teacher wants to go work in another state after acquiring an Illinois state teaching license, then it should be their business to go to that state, and inquire about jobs. 

But why are these states coming to Chicago to recruit?

I now hear from another colleague that the Chicago Public Schools is recruiting teachers from other states and countries as well.

Hmm ... 

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