Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Strike or Not?

'STRIKE!' or 'No strike...' or ... maybe strike and maybe not strikeyet?...

By Jim Vail

Billionaire Ken Griffen said Emanuel should have closed 100 schools.

George Schmidt of Substance News said it best on his website - 'Strike!' or 'No Strike' or 'maybe strike and maybe not strike yet?"

After I stopped laughing when I first read this, I had to think about it once again after the CTU again threatened to "Shut It Down" at a Broke on Purpose event March 9.

The CTU website is calling on "families, students, teachers, workers and all those who thirst for justice" for an all-day march and day of direct action against Gov. Bruce Rauner, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, billionaire Ken Griffin and rest of the 1%.

Griffen has told people the city should have closed 100 schools.

The event is billed as "all day long everywhere."

So is it a strike?

Our foe the Sun-Times speculated that the event "might just be a giant downtown rally to protest several issues: budget cuts, a threatened phase-out of the Board of Education's 7 percent 'pension pick-up' and three unpaid furlough days mandated by Forrest Claypool, Emanuel's handpicked schools chief."

It's not quite clear, is it.

It won't be a strike. It appears to be a strike. It ...

Strike! No Strike. Or Maybe Strike, and maybe not strike yet.

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