Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sun-Times Enemy Rag

The Sun-Times is Media for our Class Enemy
By Jim Vail

I have written that everybody should first understand the media we read before we read it.

We read the newspapers to get our information.

There are only two dailies that are still sold in print format on the streets of Chicago.

The Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times.

They provide us with what a regular newspaper is supposed to provide - news, sports, weather, comics, crime, neighborhood news, etc.

But we working people constantly get burned relying on these corporate papers.

They are corporate papers because the Sun-Times is owned by investment funds who form part of the business elite.

The Chicago Tribune is also a corporate entitly that hilariously was milked by funny-man Jewish billionaire (I ride a Harley) Sam Zell who did everything to milk the paper.

He ended up selling it to another business entity.

The owners focus is on making money for their businesses. That means public services such as public education, public transportation, public infrastructure, unions, etc. are business expenses that are to be minimized. 

In other words - cut as many public services as possible because we are a private business who does not want to pay taxes.

Now, here is how the Sun-Times operates.

The corporate sector feels CEO's should be paid outrageous perks on so-called stock performance (which is bs because many have been given golden parachutes despite tanking stock prices), and workers' pensions should be gutted.

So buy up the city media and advocate like Gov. Bruce Rauner, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and all other politicians to gut state workers pensions. Constantly hit the public with editorials denouncing pension budget deficits.

And then order your reporters to write investigative reports on how workers are abusing the state pension system. You can pretty much guarantee that this story (the Sun-Times seems to have outsourced it to the Better Govern. Assoc. and charlatan Andy Shaw) that highlight how our tax dollars are squandered via the pension system will be a regular feature.

The Sun-Times owners are close to Emanuel. Street protesters are demanding the "16-shots" mayor resign over the cover-up he ordered. How do you protect your 1% interests? You order your investigative reporter Dan Mihalopoulos to dig up dirt on the organizers of the anti-mayor protests and present this to the public as a legitimate report on self-serving organizers who are in it for themselves.

And of course you commission the report on the Chicago Teachers Union because they are that horrible union that should be cut down to size.

I'm sure many people look to alternative media to get the true gist of things according to the people's perspective.

But the alternative media are mostly blogs, despite what they tell you. They put a spin on the news already reported.

The bottom line is the ruling class owns the papers that pay reporters to go out and report the news.

Unfortunately, that news is used against use, rather than the other way around.

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