Sunday, August 7, 2016

Low Teacher Pay

By Stephen Wilson

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

Moscow, Russia -- "They often ask me questions about teachers. Teaching is a vocation.

                 If you want to earn money there are many wonderful places where you can do this quickly and better. A modern teacher can earn pay according to his timetable and can earn money from other work.

                 Change your profession or find other extra sources of  income.'

                 The Prime Minister Medvedev later asked a teacher from Dagestan who had been complaining of his 10,000 rouble a month salary, "Do you do any business? I see you don't ".

                  Medvedev also retorted that it was unfair to compare the salary of a teacher with that of a policeman as the latter does very dangerous work. (The teacher had complained that while he obtains just over 10,000 roubles a
month a policeman attains 50,000 roubles )

                  The comments sparked a wave of furious comments from teachers such as 'how idiotic', 'pure insolence ' and 'highly offensive'. The past statement
reaffirms the long held suspicions by teachers that the government is just completely out of touch with the day to day difficulties being experienced by not only teachers but anyone. For a start, most teachers are overworked and don't have time to earn much money on the side or 'do business'.

                   Yes, some offer private lessons but this can lead them to cut their hours in state schools.

                   In some cases a teacher has to double her or his normal hours (18 Hours) to just bring their income up to 'average levels'.

                   Many teachers were infuriated! A chemistry teacher from Kyakhata, Natalia Ismagilova, stated: ' I'm embarrassed by those statements. 

                   I obtain 16,000 roubles a month. I have never been involved in business. I come home at 6 p.m, immediately sit behind a computer, prepare lessons, check notebooks, and draw up a working plan of my lessons. I have no free time, no social benefits or perks. During the Soviet times we could attain free medical treatment and rest in sanitoriums.

                   Now we don't have this. Yes, to teach children is a vocation but to use this statement shows little soul. This is dishonest and unfair.

                   Teachers also need to live somehow. They need to create normal conditions for teachers . But from teachers they only take and give nothing in return. This is pure insolence!"

                   Another teacher, Olga Vasileva stated: " This is very insulting to hear.

                   "A teacher is a qualified specialist  who constantly learns in their profession.

                   "It is very offensive when you hear someone speaking rudely about teachers, advising them to go out and sell potatoes."

                   One ex-teacher forced to leave her profession, Maria stated: "Medvedev advises people to leave their profession. But if they take his advice who will work in schools?'

                   Seeing that the Prime Minister had made an inept blunder, it was left to Putin's press secretary, Dmitri Peskov, to tactfully acknowledge the problems of teachers. Peskov admitted: 'The situation concerning teachers' pay varies from region to region. The criteria laid down by the May order (of redoubling the salaries of teachers) hasn't been implemented in all regions of Russia but  we have not abandoned  the aim of this order ... We know that in some regions the promises have not been met but we are working on this'.

                   Only just over a month ago, Olga Golodits acknowledged that:

                   "Unfortunately, real pay has fallen and this was due to cuts in the  budget. But the order to increase pay has to be implemented in figures and soul."  It is a pity Medvedev never listened to her.

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