Saturday, August 6, 2016

Russians Like Trump?



Moscow, Russia -- 'And what is the name of this Super -agent, you alone have guessed it!

               Yes, this is him - Donald Trump.From where do they get such detailed information which is surrounding them ? From the most different people beginning with Hilary Clinton to the titans of American International journalists', declares Mikhail Rostovski , in a recent article where he pokes fun at what he sees as the idiotic atmosphere of the American
Presidential elections . Rostovski  not only mocks recent allegations that Trump is ' a Kremlin agent', ' Siberian candidate'  and' apologist for Putin'  but concludes that in America the lunatics have taken over the asylum. (Moskovski Komsomolets, ,3rd August, 2016,number 165(27.167)

               In recent days, the Republican  presidential  candidate appears to have landed in deep water over recent gaffes against war veterans as well as Brexit, supporting N.A.T.O. and a merciless attack on what he claims is a disastrous American foreign policy.

               But past statements  by Trump on Russia  reflect a break or departure from conventional  American foreign policy. This has bemused many Russians!

               In succinct terms, Trump states he wants to restore  good relations with Russia, believes that  N.A.T.O 's Foreign policy in the Ukraine was a disaster and that any attempt to reclaim Crimea could  lead to a Third world war. "They want me to disavow Putin. But Putin of Russia said Trump is a genius", he misleadingly claimed.

               The American state  has blamed  Russians for hacking into the files of some of the American Democrats but have yet to prove solid evidence for those allegations.

               What are we to make of all this? Perhaps Trump's rhetoric can't be taken too seriously... For a start , while in 2013  he declared that he had met Putin and talked to him, more recently he stated : " I never met Vladimir Putin. I don't know who  Putin is".

               Putin did not claim that Trump was a 'genius' but only that he was a colorful and talented person. 

              That Trump can be  inconsistent and superficial  about policy statements is indicated by the fact that  earlier  he supported the notion of introducing a minimum wage, but later he changed his mind and declared against it. 

              Despite this erratic wavering and impulsive penchant for gaffes, Trump in many ways  frankly reveals the sordid  and superficial  nature of the American capitalist system. He stated that most American politicians are basically paid prostitutes that are easily bought by money, are highly corrupt and that in regard to the killing of Journalists such as Anna Poltkovskaya: 
              "Our country does plenty of killing also ' and 'We should try to fix our own mess before interfering in the domestic affairs of others." It is hard to imagine Clinton or Obama making such a damning  statement.

              He constantly  lets the cat out of the bag.

              It comes as know great  surprise that  those statements find a resonance in Russia. Trump might be against Mexicans but he makes up for it by not being prejudiced against Russians. Trump 's views on Ukraine
seem much more objective and open- minded than the dogmatic and inflexible prejudices of so many Americans. The American Embassy staff in Moscow are rumored to fully support  'regime change.'

              Trump does not appear so intransigent. He might even listen to Russians.

              I have asked some Russian school students: "Why do you think a victory for Trump would be a good thing?" and they answer,' "Well he wants to restore good relations with us".

              Of course , not all  Russians take Trump seriously. Many regard him as ' a joker' and 'a comedian.' One 17 year student, Igor  told me : " He is like Vladimir Zhirinovskii  who was very racist and a demagogue. I don't think he will win
the American presidential elections. He is too extreme for America."

               A 21 year old Law student Marat told me : " I hope he does not get elected.

               This would be a disaster for not only America but world international relations.

                He is so prejudiced against people. "

                Despite a lot of popularity in Russia, there is no convincing evidence that the Kremlin is supporting or sponsoring Trump in any way.  Russian intervention in American political elections would be too counter-productive
and  futile. There is no solid guarantee that Trump will consistently pursue his friendly stance to Russia , should he win the elections. Far from being ' the Siberian candidate ', or Putin's puppet', he seems to be almost too capricious to play such a role.  His attacks on N.A.T. O. and how the State overspends 800 billion dollars on Military bases which   should be scaled back has even annoyed  Republican politicians.

                If the polls are  to be believed, Trump is now falling behind Clinton in popularity. This does not seem to be linked to any 'pro Russian statements' but more due to his thoughtless gaffes attacking war veterans. Russian   conspiracy allegations are a mere sideshow  to how Trump reacted to the parents of a dead war veteran.

                Nevertheless many Russians adore Trump because he seems much more humane and honest than the self-righteous, pretentious and preachy Obama and Hilary Clinton. The fact that Trump is not politically correct, appears to speak him mind and is a bit of a rebel also finds some approval in Russia. Rather than being a secret agent he seems to be an  amiable estate agent.

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